As an author, D. C. Macey has always been fascinated by the conflict between good and evil that seems to have dogged the footsteps of man throughout the ages. No matter how heavily evil is defeated, given time it will always return – seeping in through life’s cracks, spreading and growing to reassert its malign influence. Similarly, the innate goodness and humanity found in ordinary people can never quite be crushed into oblivion by the excesses of evil. There is always hope of a better, safer tomorrow.

  • D.C.Macey, author of The Temple Series
  • The Temple Legacy
  • The Temple Scroll

The Temple Legacy is the first novel in The Temple series. It is written in British English and set mainly in present day Scotland; it introduces young church minister Helen Johnson and archaeologist Sam Cameron as they struggle to survive in the face in an explosion of violence and cruelty as the worst vices of bad men seek to overwhelm the goodness of ordinary human nature.

The Temple Scroll is the second novel in The Temple series. Once again, Helen and Sam come under attack as danger returns to shatter the calm of summer. The pair must rise to the challenge or die. In a fast moving story, where threats lurk at every turn, they must race to save their family, their friends and themselves. In the face of an unremitting onslaught, driven by the heartless greed of sinister forces, Helen and Sam must finally make their stand. Will evil triumph? Can good survive?

The Temple Covenant is the third novel in The Temple series. Now recovering from the events of earlier exploits, Helen and Sam find themselves on sabbatical in East Africa. The calm lasts just long enough to lull them into a false sense of security before exploding into a frantic hunt through the cities and blistering wilderness bush lands of Africa. As pressure mounts, differentiating between friend and foe becomes almost impossible.  Ultimately, a shocking revelation and fiercclimax exposes the breathtaking motivation behind the chase.

The Temple Deliverance is the fourth novel in the series. In the grip of a cold northern winter, Helen and Sam find the passing of the New Year holiday triggers events that propel them once again into contact with their greatest foes. In this final conflict, the real motivations for the previous cruel and savage acts of their opponents are revealed. In a frantic and unforgiving pursuit a final accounting is made.

  • Book 1 – The Temple Legacy – published August 2015
  • Book 2 – The Temple Scroll – published September 2016
  • Book 3 – The Temple Covenant – published April 2018
  • Book 4 – The Temple Deliverance – published April 2019