A lost treasure, an impenetrable puzzle and a psychopathic killer: a deadly combination.


The Temple Scroll is a rollercoaster ride of danger, mystery and murder. From the New England coast to the islands of the Mediterranean, it follows the deadly hunt for the Templars’ lost treasure.

Archaeology lecturer Sam Cameron and church minister Helen Johnson thought their old problems were done. They were wrong. International killers are set on finding the Templars’ treasure and they believe Sam and Helen hold the key.

As the psychopathic Cassiter directs his team of killers towards their goal, the calm of summer vanishes in an explosive bout of blood and suffering.

Tracked by killers at every turn; Sam and Helen must draw on all their instincts and professional skills to stay alive as they attempt to crack the puzzle that protects the Templars’ treasure.

As the search for the Templar hoard moves inexorably to a conclusion, Sam and Helen must risk all in a frantic bid to save their friends, the treasure, and the priceless holy relics of the early Church. Now there is no mercy and no escape – there is only win or die.

This second book in The Temple series may be read as a standalone. Some readers might like to read THE TEMPLE LEGACY first since it gives the backstory to characters and events featured here.

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